27-Jul-04 (Created: 27-Jul-04) | More in 'White papers'

Benefits of Aspire

Develop applications faster

Powered by reusable declarative horizontal java parts the development environment allows for rapid realization of ideas into server side web based applications

Develop applications cheaper

As you can use legacy and entry level programmers for development your development costs are lower. As you are using value added horizontal parts you are writing lot lesser code. Both results in cheaper cost

Develop applications Better

As developers are reusing pre-tested horizontal java parts there is less scope for errors. In addition the scalability is built into the architecture leaving very little in the hands of the programmers. As a result you will realize more scalable, more maintainable and more portable applications

Run it anywhere

Any servlet supported container can run Aspire. Aspire runs fine on Tomcat, WebSphere, or Weblogic